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Number Book 6

Place value, partitioning, ordering and comparing two-digit numbers

This is only available as an e-book in pdf format. You can buy it and download it now.

This book is excellent for use as practice and consolidation material when pupils are learning about partitioning and place value. The wide range of interesting tasks enables pupils to achieve understanding and gain confidence with number work. Work on number lines and number squares is included, and sheets are clear and easy to use, with reading kept to a minimum. The book bridges the gap between practical, concrete activities and more abstract and written number work. There are sheets for all abilities and this book is particularly useful for those who need extra support and lots of practice. It relates well to the ‘Counting and Understanding Number’ work suggested by the ‘Framework for Mathematics’, especially for Year 2.

68 pages.

Can link with ‘Assessment for Learning’

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Number Book 6

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