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Money Book 2

The perfect complement to practical money work

Only available as an e-book in pdf format: you can buy it and download it now.

Money Books Series

The ‘Money Books’ are excellent for use as consolidation material when pupils are learning to solve problems involving money. There is a wide range of interesting tasks to achieve understanding. The sheets are suitable for all abilities and age groups, particularly for Wave 2 and 3 pupils. Reading is kept to a minimum but important mathematical vocabulary is included. Master sheets are included to make additional worksheets for extra practice. The series follows the guidelines set by the ‘Using and Applying Mathematics’ strand of the ‘Primary Framework for Maths’.

Book 2

The first half covers counting, using and calculating amounts of money up to 20p. The second half covers counting, using and calculating amounts of money up to 50p. Includes giving change, using addition and subtraction, comparing amounts of money/prices, doubling and halving and counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s to find totals. 55 pages. Available for £ Sterling only.

Cheaper as part of a pack.

Ideal for early intervention programmes as outlined in‘Every Child Counts’.


Money Book 2

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