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Literacy and Numeracy Learning Resources for Special Needs and Inclusion
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How Many?

1 to 10 counting fun

Only available as an e-book in pdf format: you can buy it and download it now.

These worksheets provide a great follow-up to practical early counting work and are ideal for young children starting maths work and older pupils with special needs.  The book contains two sections, one for numbers 1 to 5 and one for numbers 1 to 10.

The attractive pictures of familiar objects are often linked with topics teachers cover with young pupils.  Children can also colour the pictures while counting.  The clear, easy-to-use format means children can work independently, making the sheets ideal to send home.

The sheets can be used with number stickers or stamps if writing is difficult.  Two pages of numbers to cut out are provided at the back of the book.

26 photocopiable worksheets concentrating solely on the important task of counting.


How Many?

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