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Ordering online

Purchase Orders/Credit Account:   YES YOU CAN be invoiced and pay later!

You can pay by credit or debit card to complete your order and download the purchases.   However, if you use an email address ending .sch.uk, .gov.uk or c2kni.net, or you are on our approved credit list, you will be offered a choice of payment method, including 'Purchase Order'. 

Choosing 'Purchase Order' will allow your order to be processed immediately, and you will be sent an invoice subject to our usual 30 days terms.  This normally applies to United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland customers only.  We accept credit account payments in Sterling or euros and these can be made by cheque or by bank transfer/BACS.

If you don't have an email address ending .sch.uk, .gov.uk or c2kni.net and you're not sure if you are already on our approved credit list, please contact us now


Make sure you have the desired currency selected from the list to the top right-hand corner of the web page.  The default is Sterling.  Also available, euros and New Zealand dollars.

How to Order

Please browse the site and select the items you want.  (If you want to order a complete series, don't forget to use the cheaper in packs link.)  Click the appropriate 'Add to Basket' buttons. 

When you have chosen all your purchases, select My Basket, top right of the page.

If you have a discount coupon code, enter it in the box and click the pink 'Submit' button.

If you have a credit account (see above) you will be offered the choice of 'Purchase Order' or 'Credit Card'.  Otherwise, please complete your credit card details when prompted.

Receiving Your Purchases

You will receive three emails shortly after placing your order:

1) Order details   2) Download-info   3) Invoice.

Sometimes they can go to a spam box or similar so it's worth looking in there if you have one.

The Download-info email has a link for downloading each of the materials you have purchased.  Open the email.  You will see a table of your purchases.  Click on the green arrow or the product title to take you to the website download page.  This should put your download code in the box automatically.  Then just click on the pink 'Start Download' button.  Repeat for each product purchased.

Please always use the most recent Download-info email for downloading.  You have 10 days to download, and five attempts for each product.  If these limits are exceeded and you wish to download again, within 12 months of the order, that's no problem, please contact us.

Easylearn recommends Adobe Reader for viewing and printing our e-books.


Terms and conditions

Purchasing Easylearn resources indicates your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.


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